Toroidal Inductors for sale

Toroidal Inductors for sale Toroidal Inductors for sale

Toroidal Inductors for sale Product Name: Power ring inductor Installation mode: Plug-in Magnetic properties: Ferrite core Features: Small size, easy installation, plug-in inductance. Use wire to pass ac voltage and current, generate alternating flux inside and around the wire, mostly used in circuit matching and quality control, generally connected with the power supply. THE TRUST OF CONCOMIL ANL WUOLE LIFE Used for computer power supply, display power supply, color TV and charger power filter. Raw material feeding 100% reliability test, pinhole, uniformity, meter resistance, impact resistance. The size tolerance of 02 coil is controlled at +0.05mm, and the size tolerance of the same industry is generally at 0.1mm. There are about 10~20 production processes, and each process has 5 quality control parameters, with an average of 75 for each product. Winding tensioner using servo tensioner imported from Japan, better winding evenness. The precision of the winding mould is within 0.05mm, which is 2 to 4 times that of the peer.Toroidal Inductors for sale website:


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