What's the deal with wireless gps for car tracking?

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One of the most important features of wireless gps for car is track recording and playback. But people who don't understand GPS locators don't understand what vehicle tracks are, let alone the benefits of track recording and playback.

Vehicle trajectory is the record of vehicle motion status data, including location, date, time, speed and so on. Vehicles with Sward GPS positioning management system can view the playback of vehicle driving dynamics at any time on the software platform of the computer side and the mobile phone side. Vehicle driving area, speed, parking time and other data at any time and anywhere, at a glance. Compared with the driving recorder, although it can not record the image information of the vehicle on the road, it is cheaper in price.

The GPS platform can automatically record the vehicle's movement trajectory and save it for about 6 months. In this way, when the owner needs it, the vehicle running track can be accessed at any time within 6 months for viewing.

But if you want the GPS locator to not leave a track, there is only one way, that is, human intervention in the locator to affect its normal work. For example, turn it off, or remove the built-in SIM card. Only if the locator is not working, it will not leave the track of the vehicle. If you need to work again, you can turn it back on or put the SIM card in again.

The movement track of the platform record is saved, and it does not support artificial deletion. Because the national policy has stipulated that the GPS positioning industry needs to support the provision of vehicle driving records for nearly 180 days, and for special industries, even longer, about one to three years of track records must be retained. After the retention period is reached, the system automatically clears history records.

In addition, on the platform, it is sometimes seen that one of the driving tracks is a straight line, which is inconsistent with the front and back tracks. There are four possible reasons for this:

① The installation position of the car GPS locator is not appropriate, and the installation position is close to the metal plate;

② Location GPS signal is weak (buildings dense or high-speed sections).

③ Check the wiring, make sure that the car is running and off, and the equipment is normally powered.

④ The device hardware is faulty, and the device restarts during use. As a result, the location data of the device is lost, and the device needs to be returned to the factory for troubleshooting.

wireless gps for car https://www.eelinktracker.com/Magnetic-GPS-Tracker/


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