Briefly explain the application scope and advantages of 10l hydrosol stills

10l hydrosol stills

10l hydrosol stills is used for filling containers of different specifications. It can change the filling specifications within a few minutes. It is suitable for the filling production of juice drinks and tea drinks. 10l hydrosol stills products and materials contact parts are made of stainless steel, sanitary, easy to clean, the use of frequency control, can easily adapt to the production capacity of speed regulation.

With the strengthening of people's health awareness, products produced by 10l hydrosol stills are being more and more recognized and accepted by many consumers with its characteristics of low alcohol content, high nutrition and good taste. 10l hydrosol stills is based on the type of material, chemical composition and mechanical property difference, and reasonable selection of materials. After process treatment, CNC machining, to ensure tolerance, quality control point check, to meet the long-term high temperature state, stable performance.

10l hydrosol stills takes into account the advantages of soaking method and tradition, and can avoid the shortcomings of both. According to the characteristics of the product, the dosage of some raw wine can be adjusted at any time. Correspondingly, the fruit wine has high colloid stability, light effect on oxygen, low iron content, stable aroma and refreshing wine.

10l hydrosol stills


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