Optimizing your healing capabilities in LORDS OF THE FALLEN

Optimizing your healing capabilities is necessary in order to make it through the dangerous challenges that Mournstead presents.

Optimizing your healing capabilities is necessary in order to make it through the dangerous challenges that Mournstead presents. One of the most important things you can do to speed up your healing in Lords of the Fallen is to spend some of the rare Saintly Quintessences you find looting around the world on upgrading your Sanguinarix LOTF vigor. You will have the necessary sustain to take on the ruthless enemies and punishing environments that stand between you and victory if you equip yourself with a potent item from the Sanguinarix Lords of the Fallen set. In this detailed guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know to find all 20 Quintessences Lords of the Fallen items, fully empower your Sanguinarix, and take your healing abilities to the next level. I will also cover how to take your Sanguinarix to its maximum potential. Whether you are a seasoned Crusader or are just setting foot in Mournestead for the first time, the secrets that are contained in this article will give you the best chance of escaping the perilous battlefields that are scattered throughout this shadowy realm alive.

Let's get going on the way to the ascension that will save our lives. 

Improving the FoundationsIn Lords of the Fallen, the Sanguinarix is your source of healing vigor. At the beginning of your journey, you will see an icon that has three charges associated with it. If you stop to rest at any Vestige Checkpoint after it has been completely depleted, it will automatically refill. The only way to improve the quality of this essential resource is to engage in a trade with Pieta at Skyrest Bridge using Saintly Quintessences. After defeating the towering boss that guards the entrance to Redcopse Village, players will have the opportunity to engage Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. You can find her blessed aura and start the enhancements if you travel to the misty borough of Skyrest Bridge and climb to the top of the abandoned settlement. 


The fundamentals of the upgrade are as follows:

Each Quintessence that is exchanged increases both the maximum charge capacity and the healing potential. Each Quintessence adds one additional charge, for a maximum of nine charges total. Additional Quintessences have the potential to boost potency, up to a maximum of +110 percent. As levels progress, later upgrades require between two and three quintessences each.

Now that the fundamentals have been covered, it is time to reveal the highly sought-after locations of these celestial shards. If you take my advice and search all of Mournestead for all twenty, you will significantly increase your chances of surviving the ordeal.

Advantages in the Early GameAvoid wasting any time and concentrate at first on the Quintessences that are close by in order to boost the power of your Sanguinarix just when it is needed the most. The first two are found in beginning areas and are useful early upgrades. They can be obtained there. The Contaminated Tomb:Here in the tutorial area, the opening Quintessence is waiting for flesh that has been soul-flayed and is hidden beneath enemies that wield crosses. Do not squander any time in claiming this necessary boost. Sanctuary of Baptism: After defeating Scourged Sister Delyth, investigate the umbral alcove located within her boss arena in order to gain an additional advantage so early on.


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