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Wholesale Mono Mesh Bag Onion bag mesh Production Description The size and gram weight of onion bag mesh produced by our company are all made according to international standards. Generally, the size is guaranteed to be plus or minus 2 centimeters, and the gram weight is guaranteed to be plus or minus 2 grams. The warp and weft lines of the mesh bags are evenly distributed. Our onion bag mesh is automatically cut by the machine, and the tailoring is integrated. After cutting, the cutting surface of the product is parallel and neat with the weft, and the stitches of the bottom edge are fine and even. The upper mouth is manually sewed, and the mouth rope can be worn according to the customer's needs. Colors can also be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome new and old customers to buy, we will give you the best service and price for onion bag mesh. Detailed Images Related Products Utility Usage Onion bag mesh is for packaging of vegetables and fruits such as Chinese cabbage, onion, potato, garlic, cabbage, pepper, green corn, carrot, garlic, licorice, beet, apple, orange, firewood and so on. Mesh bags are used to pack vegetables, fruits and other products. They are low-energy and environmentally friendly. Because of their good air permeability, the packaged products are not easy to rot. In addition, the price is low, and they are now favored by many customers. Welcome new and old customers to continue to order! Packing Shipping Packaging method of onion bag mesh: After the production of mesh bags is completed, first after two tests, pick out defective products and then package them. Generally, the unit quantity of our packaging is 50 pieces per stack, and 2000 pieces per pack; The unit quantity of all mesh bags must be accurate to ensure that there is no error in quantity. Generally, in order to load more containers, it is necessary to pack them together. Especially at the moment when the sea freight is particularly expensive, we will choose to pack for the benefit of our customers. Our HUIGOR Company Our Service FAQWholesale Mono Mesh Bag website:http://www.huigor-meshbag.com/pe-mesh-bag/mono-mesh-bag/


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